Worship Weekly

The center of our life together is worship, and at the center of our worship is the crucified and risen Christ. Each week, we come together to worship.

Worship at Living Word is blended. Sometimes that means that worship will be more formal. Sometimes that means it will be more casual. Often times it will mean there will be a mix of the two. It’s our conviction that there’s room in the big tent of the church for all these expressions of worship. We are very blessed by so many folks who want to try experience different things!

You’re welcome to join us! Hear the Word, receive the Sacrament, pray, and praise God in word and song. We meet in person and have communion weekly on Sunday at 9:30am. If you are unable to join us, a zoom link is always available for you to join at home. Just click here.

Every Christian is welcome to join in on services and communion. We can’t wait to meet you!