I intend to build a house for the name of the Lord my God, as the Lord said…

We are a relatively young congregation in the scheme of the 2000+ year history of Christ’s Church!

On December 23, 1951, the first morning worship service of what was to become the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Living Word was held in the Roslyn Fire House.

Four months later on April 20,1953 there were 103 persons enrolled as charter members.

Our first chapel was a duplex, dedicated on December 13,1953. It served as our church until 1958. The “first unit,” which is currently the lower level of the Fellowship Hall, replaced the chapel in 1959 and served as our church. In January 1965 we purchased the adjoining property now known as the Parish House. The sanctuary and second floor Fellowship Hall were added over the next few years and we officially dedicated the new church on March 2, 1969.

In 2020 our congregation membership was decreasing so we made the difficult decision to sell our church complex. It was clear that God’s hand was in this as we share a vision to help seniors and the food insecure. We are blessed to be able to continue to our ministry and to worship at this location.

The Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God…

Since our beginnings, Living Word has had several pastors who have shepherded us.
Laurence G. Horn 1952 to 1957
David L. Scheidt 1958 to 1964
Hubert C. Linn 1964 to 1988
Sara Beaumont 1988 to 1995
William DeHeyman – Interim 1996 to 1999
Timothy L. Taylor 1999 to 2001
Richard L. Moore 2001 to 2005
Michael Gutzler 2006 to 2011
Ellen Anderson 2013 to 2014
Daniel W. Spigelmyer, Jr. 2015 to 2018
Vicar Rachel Scheible-Yost 2019 to 2020
Chris Glod – Supply – 2020 – July 2023

Esther Rajashekar –Supply– July 2023 to present