Adult Bible Study

At Living Word, we have weekly Bible study called “The Well.” The Well is a small group ministry, devoted to growing deeper in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Fellowship is a critical component of this weekly study. We always begin with food and end with deeper conversation and prayer

Sunday School

On Sundays after worship during the school year, we have children’s Sunday school. Faith formation begins first in the home with parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles—whoever is around children to teach them the stories of the faith. But the church is a special community that fosters further, deeper growth for children. Parents who want to add further to their children’s already growing quest to know more about God can bring them to Sunday school at Living Word.


At Living Word, young people are invited and encouraged to participate in a 2-year program that culminates with the rite of Confirmation. After this time, the confirmands are considered adult voting member of our Living Word family and can serve in various capacities and functions within the congregation.